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Diesel Buffalo is an epic work written in the main on the border between Namibia and Angola when Namibia was still South West Africa and administered by South Africa.

As part of the Citizen Force, and conscripted, it deals with the psychological aspect of the writers emotions during that period at the end of his teenage years.

Caught up in an unwinnable and unjust conflict both from the point of view of logistics and integrity, a city boy from Johannesburg’s northern suburbs struggles with his soul.

Below is a portal to this secret burden which was carried for so many years. It is illustrated by Victor Gordon. Click on the picture below.

For a version with translation available click here.



Scavenger is a site where my cupboard archived poetry is slowly seeing the light of day.

It is a platform for southern African poetry and submissions are welcome.

(picture courtesy of Todd Gustafson


Visual art is showcased in artworks, which will develop into a local and regional platform. 

Divorce is a revolting revolution when children are involved and 4 months during its throws paints a contorted picture.  It stretches the resilience of the soul.
Sketch (of the artist at 43) deals with this. The link to my experimental writing site should be approached with caution by sensitive readers and family members alike as it might be too explicit.

Second Sketch  is a lot easier on the sensibilities. Click on the picture below.